POST #55 – Monday, June 17, 2019 – Run Club

AO: The Arrowhead

When: 06/17/2019


Number of Pax:

Pax Names:

Coat Factory, Dr. Evil, Skinner, Brick

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: Mini Me


We found out that 5 HIMs wanted to learn what was on the other side!


SSH x30 (IC)
Tappy Taps x15 (IC)
Frankenstein Walks/Butt Kickers
Hip & Calf Stretches

The Thang

Mosey down to river, head east and cross rt. 38 bridge. Do 15 Hand Release Merkins, 30 overhead claps, 60 squats. Then, mosey west back up Rt. 38 to liquor store parking lot. Repeat 15 hand release merkins, 30 overhead claps, 60 squats. Do curb step-ups while you wait for the 6. Mosey back to flag.

6 MoM: 20 ct. Flutter Kicks (IC); 20 Leg Raises (IC); 20 American Hammers (OYO); and Plank Hold while Mini Me read his CoT.

Circle of Trust

Rest up for a Wednesday Fizness Testing beatdown. We’ll have our prior scores printed out. Seeing the progress grow slow and steady is rewarding. It reinforces the idea that nothing worth having comes easy. You want to lose weight, look better, gain muscle? It can’t physically happen overnight. Keep on it, don’t miss F3, if at all possible, and results will come. I am on the brink of hitting -30 lbs. And it has been a long road – much longer than I thought it would take or wanted it to take. So let’s encourage each other. Let’s hold each other accountable. AO Scouting mission/ruck tomorrow morning at Peck Farm Park @ 5:15.

PRAYER: “Dear God, I thank you for this group of men that have collectively given me something I could never obtain on my own – the ability to stay focused on getting healthy, the ability to step forward to lead, and the ability to share my struggles and ask for help. This group has truly changed my life. I pray for the ability to provide the same for them. In Your blessed name we pray, Amen.”

Naked Man Moleskin

Brick gets the spirit award for the day because he drove an extra 30 minutes to visit us instead of his Naperville brothers. Mini Me, Brick, and Skinner talked over the state of Cubs baseball during Coffeeteria.

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