Post #52 – Wednesday, June 12, 2019

PAX PRESENT: Dr. Evil (QIC), Frog Legs, Coat Factory, Mini Me, Mr. Ed, Skinner
WARM UP: mosey to old court house where we executed THANG 1: 11’s (merkins and Bobby Hurley’s)….from there, we did a mosey around 3rd st., stopping at various points for rocky balboas, derkins, dips and squats. We finished with some core work for MARY at two more stops…..CoT was held at Starbucks where we talked about how our failures have made us stronger men and how we need to fight against the evil one who tries to make our failure permanent and keep us from accomplishing His mission for us.  Thank you men for allowing me to share some of my failures and how through faith I have been able to overcome….Dr Evil….out!