Post #51 – Monday, June 10, 2019

PAX PRESENT: Coat Factory, Dr. Evil, Skinner, Mr. Ed, & Mini Me (QIC)

SSH x25 (IC)
Abe Vigodas x15 (IC)
Frankenstein Walk
Butt-Kickers & High Knees
Calf, Hip, Hamstring Stretch

THANG 1: INDIAN RUN to far lot

THANG 2: From far lot, form pace groups and head out. Meet @ flag by 5:52.

Leg Lifts x25 (IC)
Heel Touches x20 (IC)
Plank Hold – 1 Minute
LBCs x25 (IC)

CoT MESSAGE: Today, we started with an Indian Sprint. I chose to start with this because sometimes in F3, you’ll hear the phrase “do the first things, first.” In a recent library visit, I came across some books about procrastination. I picked one up that was titled, “Swallow That Frog!” I browsed through it hoping to pick up a tip for preventing my summer slide. About 3 seconds in, though, I realized that reading a book on how not to procrastinate is actually procrastination in itself! Why did I need to read a book to know that I should prioritize my tasks and accomplish the tough things? We all know – even if it is only that deep down in your gut feeling – what needs to be done, whether it is cleaning out your basement, getting more exercise, spending more quality time with your M and 2.0s, or anything else on your never-ending to-do list. Get out there TODAY start DOING that thing you’ve been putting off. Action never loses to thinking.

PRAYER: “Dear God, we thank you for our able bodies this morning. We are gracious for all you have provided for us. We humbly ask for your presence in our lives in all areas, especially those that most need our attention. We ask that you provide for us in ways that will propel us forward each day towards becoming better husbands, fathers, and men. Please bless those that need you the most, including the sick and suffering, the homeless and hungry, and our silent intentions. In Your heavenly name we pray, Amen.”

MOLESKIN: 2 for Coffeeteria (Skinner, who posted for first time on a weekday, and Mini Me). 1st day of summer break for both of them!

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