POST #102 – Saturday, August 17, 2019 – Uncomfortable

AO: The Arrowhead

When: 08/17/2019


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names:

Rizzo, Bullfrog, Legoman, Frog Legs, My Buddy, Sully, Pikachu (DR from N. Carolina!), Mini Me, Skinner, Solo, Sunshine, Agave, Dinger (FNG), Trickle (DR from Naperville!), Smores (FNG), Life Alert, Mayflower, Kringle, Hawkeye, Mustafa

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Smores, Dinger

QIC: Dr. Evil


Growth can only occur when you experience discomfort! Listen for the whistle during today’s workout and do 5 Burpees to make yourself a little more uncomfortable when you hear it.


25 SSH (IC); Coupon work (10 Rows, 10 Curls, 10 Overhead Presses); Merkin Ring of Fire (using increased # of Merkins – +1 after each pax); Mosey to Mt. Arrowhead (in military cadence! – sorry tennis players!)

The Thang

THANG 1: Battle Stations – split into three groups for starting points (you don’t have to stay together). Do as many loops through the stations as possible. Listen for whistle to know when to do 5 EC burpees!
Station #1: 5 Hill Climbs up Mt. Arrowhead
Station #2: On trail, complete 30 yard Zombie Walk, 30 yard Bear Crawl, 50 yard Sprint
Station #3: 20 Scissor Kicks, 20 Leg Lifts, 20 Flutter Kicks
Station #4: 50 Merkins + 50 Air Squats
Rinse & Repeat.

THANG 2: Mosey (in military cadence!) to Cemetary Hill. First person up the hill to the STOP sign gets to do 10 Burpees, Last person up has to do 10 Burpees, everyone else must do 15 Burpees – “Do Not Be Mediocre!” Mosey back to flags (in military cadence! – Sorry tennis dudes) for Mary.

MARY: High Plank hold (1 minute) then move to Low Plank (1 minute); While still in plank, complete 5 super slow count Merkins in cadence; 20 slow-count Goldie Hawns (Pickle Pounders).

Circle of Trust

We live in a world where being comfortable is the goal. I challenge that notion. We are called as men to grow and become strong. We cannot do that if we are comfortable. The story of Jacob from Genesis in the bible is a prime example of how we as men try to accomplish our own goals with our own desires in mind. It is a story of how a young man tried to live a comfortable and easy going life. It took a wrestling match with God and a severely broken hip for Jacob to realize that God’s way, although not easy or comfortable, is the right way to live. God does not care about our comfort, he cares about us accomplishing His will. With that being said, lets find ways in our own lives to be uncomfortable. Can you make yourself more uncomfortable financially by giving more than you think you can? Can you grow spiritually by having accountability and attending church on a regular basis more than you want to? Can you deepen a relationship by having that hard/uncomfortable conversation or forgiving someone that has wronged you? Whatever it is men, let’s make ourselves more uncomfortable so we can grow into the spiritually strong, physically strong, and mentally strong leaders we were meant to be!!! All for His glory!!! Remember, James 1:2-4, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials (uncomfortable times) of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Naked Man Moleskin

Great work today men! Don’t forget that Wednesday 21st is Fizness testing! Get out and post your numbers.

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