How To Site Q?

You’re stepping up your game and you want to be a Site Q?  Or maybe you’re doing another PAX a solid and stepping up to help out.  Either way, if you’ve got questions about how to be a Site Q, you’re in the right place!

Get started by reading through the content below, and if you have any questions, ask your fellow PAX for help!

Before the Beatdown

  • Promote people to post on your day.  Yes, it is the responsibility of the Q for the day, but the Site Q should throw support their way.  Treat it like it was your Q!
  • POST on your Day!  If you know you cannot make it, you are responsible to get on Slack to ask on the Site Q thread for coverage.
  • Advocate for PAX safety – collaborate with QIC to review exercises
  • Keep cell phone on you for emergencies
  • First Aid Kits and Water (Not Necessary but your PAX would love you) 
  • CPR Training (if possible)
  • Action Plan for what IFs

During the Beatdown

  • Make sure to post your flag – if you need a flag, ask!
  • Greet PAX in attendance ESPECIALLY FNGs!
  • Ensure we start on time and end on time.
  • Make sure the QIC is running the workout properly: Disclaimer, explaining exercises, counting in cadence, checking in on the 6, ending with announcements and with CoT.
  • Monitor PAX Safety during the workout.  Keep it safe and watch the weather!
  • Monitor the workout. QIC might be hyper focused on the workout and doesn’t notice the workout struggles or the ineffectiveness.
  • Pick up the 6.  Watch for the 6 and motivate! This ensures it is not the same guy each day picking up the 6. 
  • Take photos and record the Name-O-Rama 

After the Beatdown

  • Get contact information from FNGs.
  • Invite the FNGs to Slack!
  • Direct the FNG to our FNG Form:
  • Post photos or videos from the workout to Instagram and Slack

Friendly New Guy (FNG) Guidance

  1. Before the beginning of the workout, greet the FNG and ensure he is welcome; you should be there early as the Site Q, so there is no questions as to you arriving after the FNG.
  2. At the end of COT, immediately obtain Name, Cell #, email & home address from FNG
  3. Before you leave the parking lot, enter the info into the PAX Directory
  4. Before you leave the parking lot, send @jersyshore a DM on Slack that the FNG has been added to the Directory.
  5. Sign up the FNG on Slack before you leave the parking lot using the steps outlined below.
  6. Assign a veteran “buddy” someone other than (or in addition to) his sponsor to help get FNG acclimated (lingo, exercises, what gear to buy, etc) FNG should feel comfortable reaching out directly to 2+ PAX after first post. If you drop back to get the six, the buddy can keep pace with the FNG.
  7. Get candid & private feedback on first several workouts and provide help as needed —if FNG feels embarrassed or is unable to complete exercises, he might get discouraged from returning.
  8. Work w/ sponsor to get him to his next post and just as important –a 2nd F or 3rd F event ASAP.