Post #50 – Saturday, June 8, 2019

THE SCENE: Beautiful Saturday morning, 13 HIM showed up to make themselves better men.  Two FNGs showed up as well!
PAX PRESENT: Kringle (QIC), Dr. Evil, Burns, Mayflower, Beefstick, Mini Me, Coat Factory, Brick, Frog Legs, Mr. Ed, Solo, Hawkeye (FNG), and Matlock (FNG)
Motivators x 7
Tin Soldiers x2 laps
Caroca x 2 laps
THANG 1: (picnic tables)
Ciabbatta :20 seconds of work; 10 seconds of rest 4 minutes x2
Bent over rows with coupon
Dips on picnic table
Coupon OH press
Butkis (quick step up on picnic table)
THANG 2: Tennis Court Fence
Balls to the Wall 30:20 x 4
THANG 3: (from picnic tables)
Coupon Burpees (down and back or 10 each way)
THANG 4: Arrow head hill
50 Merkins
    5 scrambles
50 Freddy Mercurys
    5 scrambles
CoT MESSAGE: Reminder to the PAX to not focus on what we can’t do, or don’t have but what we can do and do have.   Remember that we must be thankful that we are hear and able to particpate in any fashion. Continue to come and help support your PAX since we all draw inspiration from each other.
PRAYER: Health for the PAX; those struggling with addictions; continued EH for more FNGs

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