Post #49 – Friday, June 7, 2019

Kringle, Coat Factory, Mr. Ed, Frog Legs, Mini Me (QIC)

WARM UP: (W/O Packs)
SSH x20 (IC)

Stop at Paddleboat Launch (Bowser’s Castle) and go back up the hill/stairs. Continue back to flag on normal path (approx. 2.5 miles total).

LBCs x25 (IC)
Freddy Mercurys x15 (IC)
Plank Hold – 1 Minute

CoT MESSAGE: Today marks the beginning of summer for me. As a teacher, it is supposed to mean a long, relaxing break. It shames me to confess this because I know many of you with other careers would literally drown a bucket full of kittens to get 8-10 weeks off in the summer, but the guilt of lazy summers has been the cause of some of my darkest times. I crave structure and that feeling of worth that comes only from hard work. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to F3. My message today is this: just because something has always caused you trouble, it doesn’t mean that it must stay that way. It is up to you to create the conditions for you to confront your problems areas and change the outcomes. You are in control of your daily choices. Actions always overcome thoughts. I know that with your help and through F3, this summer will be different than all the others.

PRAYER: “Dear God, we thank you for another beautiful morning here with our F3 brothers. We humbly ask for your continued presence and grace in each of our lives. Lord, we ask you for the wisdom and courage to make the daily decisions that will help us to grow and be leaders in  our homes, in our jobs, and in F3. We pray for the men in our communities and in this great country of ours. In Your name we humbly pray, Amen.” 

MOLESKIN: Mumble Chatter game was strong today. Fun stories were shared about kids saying “goodbye” by punching the other in the groin. Mr. Ed shared the good news that he is signed up for GrowRuck 16 in September. Watts… we’re looking at you! 4/5 for coffeeteria at Arcedium where Frog Legs generously picked up the tab. For the third Friday in a row, coffee chatter came around to the subject of dead cats. Probably just a coincidence.

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