Post #9 – Wednesday, March 27


DISCLAIMER: “I am not a professional. I’m unaware of your current physical condition and/or any injuries you may be dealing with. We are all here on our own free will. Modify the exercises as needed, but push yourself and others to get better.” Today, F3 Nation is focusing on Men’s Mental Health issues, specifically depression and suicide prevention. Let’s keep this topic in mind as we get stronger this morning. All exercises will be done together to symbolize the fact that none of us are alone.

THE SCENE: 32 Degrees; Clear sky; Bright Moonlight to start

PAX PRESENT: Mini Me (QIC), Mr. Ed, Kenny G., and Coat Factory

15 Arm Circles (IC)
20 SSH (IC)
15 Good Mornings (IC)
Capri Lap to far lot

3 Rounds:
Butkis (1 min. Then 10 count, Repeat x 3)
Curbkins (6 each direction – IC)
Suicide Run (to center Lot, back, to end of Lot, back – hold plank for 6)

Mosey back to flag shelter

“Special Delivery” – 2 Rounds
    Dips (x20)
    High-Steppers (x20)
    Squats (x20)

20 LBCs (IC)
20 Plank Shoulder Taps (IC)

15 Leg Lifts (IC)

Today’s theme is an F3 Nation endeavor to talk about men’s depression, loneliness, and mental health issues. I’ve always been fiercely protective of my personal struggles with these topics. In fact, I’ve yet to really find an effective way to speak on them without feeling weak, embarrassed, or guilty. My own struggles with self-hate and depression have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Until today, even my own twin brother knows almost nothing of these struggles.

Many of history’s greatest leaders have fought their own mental battles. Lincoln, MLK Jr., Ghandi, and Winston Churchill are just a few that struggled with depression. Churchill referred to his depression as “his black dog” that followed him throughout life, and which appeared from time to time. Nassir Ghaemi, a psychology professor has researched these leaders and concludes, “They are realistic enough to see painful truths, and when calamity occurs, they can lift up the rest of us. Their weakness is the secret of their strength.

From now on, F3 shield lock will be my first line of defense to tame my own black dog. Sharing my weakness will give me strength. Join me today in admitting your own struggles. Take an opportunity to share your story today, if you feel comfortable doing so. But most of all, know that the F3 Nation is full of men just like us. We are not alone. Let’s fight this together and let’s no longer hide our struggles with loneliness or depression or anxiety or self-hate. I urge you to take some time today to reach out to your brothers here at F3 and elsewhere. Let them know that they are valued and appreciated. A kind word or just a simple acknowledgement can absolutely make a difference.

PRAYER: “Heavenly Father, we thank you for the time we have shared together this morning getting stronger with our brothers. We pray for the physical and mental health of all men in this country and for the lives that they touch. We also pray for your strength and guidance when times get tough and the black dog of depression shows up in our lives. Give us the courage to reach out to help others in need, and the humility to accept help when necessary. Please watch over our families and continue to grant us peace and your continued favor. Please be with those of us in need, especially those that we are silently thinking of. In the name of our Heavenly Father we pray, Amen.”

MOLESKIN: Healing thoughts go to Coat Factory after tweaking his ankle on a suicide run. After that, we chopped the suicide run from thang 1. As noted by Mr. Ed, the R-I-C-E method may be buffeted by adding the “W” (Whiskey), now known as W-R-I-C-E in Geneva. As I gave the CoT by the Old Gnarled Tree (OGT), I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders in sharing my personal struggles. I’m forever grateful to F3 and my newfound brothers for, quite literally, saving my life. 2/4 for Coffeeteria @ Starbucks.

Mini Me

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