Post #5 – Monday, March 18, 2019

Weather: 28 degrees and clear. 

PAX PRESENT: 4 -Kenny G, Mr. Ed, Coat Factory, Mini Me (Q)

20 SSH (IC)
15 Abe Vigoda’s (IC)
15 Merkins (3 count – IC)

Form pace groups & GO. 15 Minutes out, 15 minutes back in. We made a big loop all together and then split up after the lap. A slower group continued on short loops while other group completed a second lap past graveyard and up the back hill area. Our mumblechatter offered idea that the graveyard is truly haunted. We’ll table that idea and explore later.

Ran out of time. Whoops! Do OYO later.

Today is the first Run Club. It is yet another first step in the growth of F3 Geneva. Since we started on March 2, I have become even more aware of my poor physical health. I am determined to improve all areas of my life, especially my fitness. There is only one way to achieve that goal – it is to get out here and bust my ass. I encourage you all to push me towards my goals and I ask that each of you share your goals with me so I can return the favor. We have spoken of the shield lock in previous CoTs. That is what we are building here. During this week, please take some time to think about your goals. Share them with us. We will all help you get there.

“Heavenly Father, we thank you for the ability to get up and get out here to exercise with our brothers. We thank you for all our blessings and humbly ask for your continued favor. We pray for those that are unhealthy or unhappy in life. We ask for your guidance and wisdom as we face our challenges. Please watch over our families and community and grant us peace as we go throughout our day. In the name of the Heavenly Father we pray, Amen.”

Mini Me

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