Post #45 – Saturday, June 1, 2019

great work from 14 pax (Dr. Evil – QIC,  Mini Me, Kringle, Triple X, Burns, Beefstick, Mayflower, Watts, Brick, Mr. Ed, Quinoa, Frog Legs, FNG: Goldie, and FNG: Mounty)at AO Arrowhead who hit it hard. 
Warm up consisted of SSHs, Imperial Walkers, and Thunderkins (holding plank while doing push-ups everytime you hear “Thunder” during Imagine Dragons: Thunder).  Man that was brutal….
Thang 1…Mount Arrowhead for 100/200/300 of leg lifts, squats, mountain climbers.  
Stopped on top of mount arrowhead to discuss life purpose and not letting the devil keep you in the valley but allow God to work and bring up to the top of the mountain.  
Thang 2…11s at mini mount arrowhead.  Burpees and big boy sit-ups….
Mary:  leg lifts, scissor kicks, flutter kicks, planks and shoulder taps (IC)
CoT:  Our purpose in life should be not be driven by our circumstances…referenced Job from the Bible as our circumstances may be challenging which may drive us to feel sorry for ourselves which leads us to temptation and self pity.  In order to lead we must understand that even in circumstances where we feel worthless, physically, mentally, or spiritually, we still have purpose.  Men…F3 is a great tool to use as a means out of that valley and into a brotherhood where you have purpose and that purpose is to live for something bigger than yourselves.  F3 does not work because Dr Evil shows up for a workout…it works because each one of you is there getting some and pushing others along. Leadership is contagious…who is ready to step up and begin the journey???  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this great group.  HC for Monday run club!!! 
Dr. evil….out!

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