Post #43 – Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mosey to cannons (bring Flag)
SSH x20 (IC)
Shoulder Tap Planks x20 (IC)
Bat Wings (20ct) (IC)
Mosey back to Flag Lot

THANG 1: CIABATTA!  (by the OGT)
Work 20 seconds, Rest 10 seconds for 8 Cycles (4 minutes) 
Rd. 1: Squats
Rd. 2: Overhead Claps
Rd. 3: SSH
Rd. 4: Merkins
Rd. 5: Coupon Curls
Rd. 6: Plank Jacks
Mosey to shelter

Chicken Peckers x10 (1st attempt @ F3 Geneva!)
Box Jumps x10
Mosey back to parking lot @ 5:55

Boxcutters x15 (IC)
Dying Cockroaches x15 (IC)
Cockroach Resurrection x15 (IC)

CoT MESSAGE: Other than 2 awful, flu-filled days in late February, I didn’t miss any days of work this school year. I mostly attribute this to my dad, who would never take a sick day and had to be forced into taking his vacation time. One of the things my dad has spoken of recently is how much of a blur things were for him while my brothers and I were younger. He won’t say it outright, but I can tell he probably regrets not spending more time with us. So today, I took the day off of work. I’m going to go visit my daughters at their school today and have lunch with them. Mr. Ed’s daughter just graduated from college and is going to live in Paris for a bit, while my youngest is just finishing up kindergarten. And Kenny G.’s youngest will come into this world any day now! All of this reminds me of that blur my dad spoke of this past weekend. Slow things down for you and your family. Look around and notice all the crazy changes taking place. I urge you to learn to accept and enjoy this time in your life because something different is coming your way sooner than you think. The most enjoyable and most painful moments in our lives will always come to an end.

PRAYER: “Dear God, we appreciate all that you have provided for us. We are blessed to enjoy this time here on Earth. We pray for the patience to endure and the strength to overcome our personal challenges. We pray for the ability to see the positive in all situations and to accept your will in our lives. Lord, we know that someday, our time here on Earth will end. We pray that when that time comes, we have no regrets hanging over us. Let us be the anchors of our families and grant us the ability to be present in the lives of those we love. Allow us to be the men you intended us to be. Thank you for these wonderful brothers by my side. In your blessed name we pray, Amen.”

MOLESKIN: We had a solid turnout of 5 today. Thinking/hoping we have turned the corner from the 40 degree mornings, but I bet we will appreciate them when they return next fall. Highlights of the morning were A) having Dr. Evil back with us after injury; B) Seeing all pax bust their behinds during the workout; and C) Looking over to see Coat Factory doing Top Shelf box jumps (New F3 term?) to the top of the picnic table! 3 for coffeeteria @ Starbucks where we tried to EH a few guys walking in.

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