Post #44 – Friday, May 31, 2019

Fridays at the Foley – Ruck Club
PAX PRESENT: Kringle (QIC), Kenny G., Sunshine, Mr. Ed, Coat Factory, Mini Me
The plan was to ruck towards Bowser’s Castle, and, just like in the video game, the “Marios” were going to carry Toad on their backs towards the objective.

WARM UP:  OYO to ensure a quick start to the ruck

The Pax began the ruck with each man alternating carrying the 50lb heavy bag for 5 minutes until we reached Bowser’s Castle.

THANG 2:  @Bowser’s Castle
Each man completed ten merkins and ten dips while the other men carried Toad up the stairs 5x down and back. Repeat Merkins/Dips until all men completed the Toad carry.

Toad Carry for five minutes was completed for a second round of five minutes for each man for the final mile back to the AO.  As we approached the AO we alternating one minute each Toad carries.

Two minutes of 30 seconds alternating between high plank to low plank until two minutes have been achieved.  

Today we carried fifty pounds of dead weight.  As men in all aspects of our lives we carry extra weight.  Either physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.  Please use today as an example of how F3 encourages the men around you to help you carry that weight ultimately lightening the load for you.

Pray for Kenny G and the safe arrival of the the new baby.  Thanks as always to our lord and savior for another beautiful day.  

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