Post #41 – Saturday, May 25, 2019

PAX PRESENT: Burns (VQIC!), Kenny G., Kringle, Coat Factory, Mayflower, Mr. Ed, Solo, Mini Me, Brick, Quinoa, Shin Splints

WARMUPS: SSH (x20 IC), Bat Wings (20 ct. IC), Tappy Taps (x15 IC), Windmills (x20 IC), Butkis (1 min.), Mosey to far lot

From middle of lot, start with 20 squats, then run to end of lot. Complete 1 squishy frog and run back to starting point. Work your way down to the set of 1 squat and 20 squishy frogs. If you finish, find the 6 and help them out. Mosey back to main lot.

THANG 2: Mini Merkin-cides
Run to 3rd parking space, do 2 merkins and run back. Run to 6th parking space, do 4 merkins, run back. Run to last parking space, do 10 merkins, run back.

CPR’s (x8-OYO) 
Colt 45’s (rds of 6)
Repeat CPR’s

6MoM: American Hammers (x20 IC), Guantanamo, Reverse Plank Holds (1 min), Pickle Pointers

CoT/PRAYER: Two bits of advice from Burns: 1) Chasing possessions or money will never make you happy. Becoming a Grandfather taught him that life, relationships, and family is what truly matters. 2) All things in balance. Alcohol, drugs, affairs, work…all those things can quickly ruin a marriage. But little things can ruin a family too. Burns saw a marriage once come to an end because a guy went fishing too often. All things in balance, except love of the Lord and love of your family. We prayed for the Lord’s continued blessings upon us. We thanked God for our service members, especially those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. We thanked the Lord for all that we have in this life.

MOLESKIN: We had a good time with the 2 flags we stole from Dark Tower. We carried all the flags with us today, in part to protect them, but also to remind ourselves that there have been countless lives lost to protect our freedoms and rights here in America. Enjoy the weekend, but don’t forget the reason we have Monday off: the men and women that have died for us to live our current lives.

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