Post #40 – Friday, May 24, 2019

PAX PRESENT: Mini Me, Kenny G. (QIC), Kringle, and Coat Factory
WARMUP: Meet @ The Arrowhead @ 4:30 am, Drive to Dark Tower in Naperville
THANG 1: We waited until their parking lot warmups were finished and they disappeared over the hill. Mini Me used his expert driving skills to back up to the flags. Car doors flung open and action was initiated. Flags were carefully secured in the trunk and Kenny G. filmed the ransom message. 
THANG 2: Drive back to The Arrowhead and filmed Name-o-Rama like nothing happened. 
CoT/PRAYER: Kenny G. spoke about how important things like this are to growing the brotherhood.  Prayers were sent up for Dr. Evil’s hand/knee situation and for a general well-being among our homes and communities.
MOLESKIN: Although no actual physical exercise was completed this morning, a huge boost to our growing brotherhood was provided by this 2nd F event. All four pax agreed that they had not laughed that hard in a long time. We spoke on how retribution was all but guaranteed from the boys at Dark Tower. Flags will be held hostage and displayed proudly at tomorrow morning’s bootcamp. Mini Me and Kenny G. will post at The Outpost in Naperville on Memorial Day for “The Murph” and return their flags. Now we wait…

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