Post #4 – Saturday, March 16, 2019

WEATHER: 30 degrees, Calm and Sunny
QIC: Chop Shop (F3 Naperville)
PAX PRESENT: Chop Shop, Handy Manny, Poutine, Dr. Evil, Mini Me, Kringle, Sunshine, BFE, Angelina Jolie, Coat Factory, Burns, Life Alert, Toughskins, Quinoa. Welcome: Mr. Ed, Skinner, Watts

SSH x 30 IC
Shoulder touches x 20 IC
Tappy Taps x 20 IC
Nancy Kerigans x 10 IC each leg
Mosey down the path

THANG 1: 11’s
PAX performs 10 reps of an exercise runs down the path to the garbage can perform 1 rep of another exercise.  Repeat counting down exercise 1 and up exercise 2. Reps always add up to 11.  
Set 1
Merkins/Big Boi Sit Ups
Mosey to the shelter. 
Set 2
Mosey down the path
Set 3
Burpees/bonnie blairs

Mosey back to the lot . We stopped at the other shelter for a little more fun before 6MoM.
20 Derkins
20 Erkins
20 Dips

Bruce lee Leg lifts x 10
American hammers x 10
LBC x 10
Squishy Frogs x 10
Heel touches x 10
Pilates x 10 
Annies x 10

CoT: I shared my how my life has been different before and after starting F3.  The growth I have seen in myself and the all men I consider friends has been huge. F3 is something all the men you know need, they just might not know it yet.   EH and keep this thing called F3 in Geneva growing.  Qs will start being the responsibility of F3 Geneva real soon.  Step up and take on the challenge and lead.

Chop Shop

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