Post #28 – Friday, May 3, 2019

QIC: Kenny G.
PAX PRESENT: Kringle, Coat Factory, Mini Me

We decided to scope out another new possible AO location so we met up at Mt. St. Mary’s Park in St. Charles. Let’s face it, this location is “Down by the River” so it immediately earned the nickname “The Foley.”

We managed to cross the river without getting swept away. Then, we climbed the steepest inclined hill in Kane County at Pottawattamie Park. We cut through the park on the way back to the Flag/ “The Foley,” which marked us at about 2.5 miles. Lots of options at this AO.

While rucking, we encouraged each other to join the upcoming Naperville GoRuck event. Mini Me and Kringle both signed up later that day! And you should Too! We ended Friday with a simple CoT Message of getting better, supporting each other, and kicking each day in the balls. Now get ready for Mini’s Star Wars Day Q tomorrow! 

Kenny G…. OUT!

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