Post #27 – Wednesday, May 1, 2019

QIC: Dr. Evil

PAX: Coat Factory, Kenny G., and Mini Me

Warm up: SSH, Frankenstein’s, side shuffle, and some squats.  

Thang 1:  Merkin’s ladder….tennis courts were the scene for this as we ran ladders down the courts, stopping at each white line to execute merkins in ladder sequence 1-14 followed by 100 squats.  Another version where we bear crawled to white lines merkins, zombie walks and butt kicks to white lines with merkins in between.  
Thang 2: up the driveway hill to the cemetery where we engaged in erkins, dips, and one legged knee ups on the wall.

Thang 3: back down driveway hill to the picnic tables for dips, derkins, and more dips.
Rounded it out with…

Mary: plank walks for 2 minutes with lunges and imperial walkers to finish it out.
CoT….relationships, relationships, relationships.  Men, let’s invest in people.  Talk to your family, friends, co-workers, church leaders, etc.  get to know them and let them get to know you.  Communication and relationships is essential to our desire to have significance.  When we don’t have deep relationships, we do not feel significant.  That can be devastating.  Let’s use F3 as a platform for building lasting, meaningful, joy filled relationships.  

Prayer for God to bless us in relationships and thankfulness for the ability to be up on a beautiful rainy morning to build fellowship while working out.

Dr. Evil…..out!!!!

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