Post #26 – Monday, April 29, 2019

Run Club
THE SCENE: 39 cold degrees with heavy showers. A soggy way to start the week, for sure. 3 Pax joined in the wet fun: Mini Me (QIC), Dr. Evil, and Shin Splints.

DISCLAIMER“Welcome to F3 Geneva. I am not a professional. I’m not aware of your current physical condition and/or any injuries you may be dealing with. We are all here on our own free will. Modify the exercises as needed, but push yourself and others to get better.”

Frankenstein Walk (Length of lot)
Butt Kickers/High Knees (Length of lot)
Bat Wings (20 Count – IC)

THANG 1: Make pace group(s) and run. Complete Third Street loops until 5:50. Run back to flag.

MARY: Leg Stretches (OYO) + EC Mumblechatter (5-day races through deserts in Morocco? Shin Splints may be crazy.)

CoT MESSAGE: (Inspired by Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink – page 10)
The only person you can control is yourself. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that other people have it all. They might have more money than you, but they might not have any strong relationships. Someone might be the life of the party, but may not be able to pay their bills. And even if we did find someone who had everything, what could really be done about it? You can’t become that person. You can’t trade with them. You can only become the best version of your own self. And that happens by focusing on making yourself who you want to be. One small step at a time. F3 allows us to do just that by giving us mental discipline, brotherhood with like-minded men, and physical fitness. I challenge you to take even more small steps throughout this week to inch your way to your best version of yourself.

PRAYER: “Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for all of our blessings and challenges, and for this beautifully imperfect life. We ask that you guide us through life’s obstacles and allow us the discipline to take those necessary small steps each and every day to get us closer to the best versions of ourselves. We ask that you touch those that need you most this week. Watch over our families and our community. Clear our minds of negative thoughts and open our hearts to those that need our attention. In the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.”

MOLESKIN: The weather absolutely affected performance today. However, the feeling of completing the workout outdoors, regardless of the conditions was amazing. Dr. Evil claimed that if you can work out in the cold rain, you can workout anywhere. He is right. A sense of accomplishment was shared as we dragged ourselves into our cars to start our week. It was awesome and inspiring to see new member Shin Splints come out so soon after his first post. That is the way it’s done!

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