Post #25 – Saturday, April 27, 2019

THE SCENE: About 41 degrees with overcast skies. Perfect day for a little SUNSHINE before the snow comes later! 10 Pax celebrated Sunshine’s VQ (Dr. Evil, Kenny G., Coat Factory, Watts, Burns, Mini Me, and Van Gogh, Mr. Ed). Welcome to FNG Shin Splints!

DISCLAIMER: “I am not a professional. I’m unaware of your current physical condition and/or any injuries you may be dealing with. We are all here on our own free will. Modify the exercises as needed, but push yourself and others to get better.”

Finkle Swings: leg swings in cadence x10 each leg
Sprinkler-Arms: in front of body swinging oppose of the legs X10 each leg
Failure to launch: Deep squat holds 10 count with a tuck jump 5 rounds
Bone the Fish: Long parking lot functional runs consisting of run/ side shuffle/ back pedal/ side shuffle the length of the lots and switching every parking spot

20 yard partner pushes 5 rounds
In between the hims pushing back and forth:
1st round: 50 merkins
2nd round: 40 squats
3rd round: 30 little boy sit-ups
4th round: 20 jumping jacks
5th round 10 burpees

*Indian run for close to a mile until reaching tennis courts*

THANG 2: Wall Sit + Coupon Pass
The length of the tennis courts inside: wall sits while passing a coupon then running towards the end like an Indian run. * last wall as you passed you pressed out. Once we got to full circle at the very end press while holding the wall sit back and forth 2X
*100 yard mosey back to starting parking lot.

THANG 3: “Blocktonamo bay”
Hims circled up all holding a coupon. One runs into middle does 1 merkin while the rest of the group holds the coupon above his head. Once the him is finished with his push up the rest of the group presses outward while the him goes full circle trying to push the coupons down. This exercise was performed 2X around the circle.

Hurricane hoe down: all hims on their 6 with legs 6 inches above the ground performing flutter kicks with arms raised up and arms behind head. This exercise was performed in a count down staring with 7. Performed this 2X
James Bond’s: all hims on 6 again with legs held about 6 inches from the ground. Holding arms out stretched held for a 10 count repeated this process to each side.

Think back to wall sits in tennis courts:
In life, we as men hold heavy weights and we need to remember we have lots of other men we can choose to do life with that will help us carry the weight. We also tend to hold things in so just like the wall of the court held us up we need to lean on other men.
Also, I encouraged more men to jump on the schedule and take on a Q spot and make a difference for the group.

Prayers for Brick and his wife as they prepare to bring a new life into this world.
Prayers for mini’s friend with the loss of his wife.
Prayers for the family in crystal lake.
Prayers for the group and families.

Thank you,
Michael J. Walker (aka Sunshine)

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