Post #24 – Friday, April 26, 2019

The Scene: 46 serene degrees with 2 pax to start at the Great Western Trail off of Dean rd. in St. Charles. Coat Factory caught up to Kenny G (QIC) and Mini Me on the bridge to the halfway point.

Warmup: Scoped out possible new AO location. Tromped around parking lot with packs on and decided to get after it promptly @ 5:15.

Thang 1: Rucked to top of “Hosannah hill” by Randall Rd. Turned around and came back. Maximized the rucking time and skipped Mary. About 3.5 miles were stomped out.

Mary: Do Ab-ril Challenge OYO later today and mark it on the Google sheet! 

CoT: This path has special meaning to me. I use it to come out on my bike and let the stresses of life and work fade away. I remember being amazed at hitting double digits miles on my bike. I need my F3 brothers to keep me accountable on my weight loss journey.

PRAYER:  We prayed for our pax expecting babies in the near future. We prayed for our community and those that need help and guidance. We prayed for the families that our pax are helping independently through their volunteer work.

Till next time,
Kenny G

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