Post #22 – Monday, April 22, 2019

60 glorious degrees and calm skies made for a perfect morning to run! 2 Pax joined in the post-Easter run club (Dr. Evil & Mini Me). Dr. Evil completed 100 merkins, squats, and planks along the way to wait for the 6 (Mini Me).

“I am not a professional. I’m unaware of your current physical condition and/or any injuries you may be dealing with. We are all here on our own free will. Modify the exercises as needed, but push yourself and others to get better.”

Core/Leg stretches OYO (3 min) w/ extra Mumblechatter

THANG 1: Run laps @ The Arrowhead (completed 3)

Repeat Core/Leg stretches (6 min) w extra Mumblechatter

Not everyone can be fast like Dr. Evil. As we age, our bodies will deteriorate. There is no use in looking back to easier times when you were in shape/able to run fast and lift hard. We owe it to ourselves to be grateful for all that we have while we have it. Although your bodies may not be able to do the things it used to do, it can still do things TODAY. Feeling regret or remorse for days gone by does not make you grow. Hard work TODAY will make you grow and will prolong the capabilities of your body. Enjoy your current fitness level. Take ownership of the ways you may have misused or neglected your body in the past, but do not let it be an obstacle to current growth. Every single day matters.

Dear Heavenly Father, we are grateful for our bodies and all of our blessings. Please continue to help us stay motivated and accountable along the path to stronger bodies. We thank you for our strong minds. May you continue to grant us wisdom in the week ahead. Please watch over our families and community and be with those in need of your presence. In the name of the Heavenly Father we pray, Amen.

​Mini Me​

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