Post #21 – Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kringle’s Leftovers
The Scene:
Sub 40 temps this morning at the Arrowhead; where 15 HIMs gathered with 2 FNGs to see who the mystery Q would be this morning.  Kringle decided he had some left over “presents” in his sack from last week, so he wanted to dish out the remaining “gifts” today.  See below for the “gifts.” 15 present: Kringle, Dr. Evil, Watts, Mini Me, Brick, Mr. Ed, Mayflower, Kenny G., Burns, Mr. Mom, Life Alert, Beefstick, & Skinner. Welcome to Wiggum, and Kalahari.
Capri lap 4x (parking lot)
    Sprint short jog long
    Sprint long jog short
Bat Wings
    20 forward
    20 backward
    20 seal clap
    20 Overhead claps
If you are so Inclined…Paula Abdul (Cemetery Road)  Where Paula’s career is buried!
4 steps forward 2 steps back
Once up and once down all together
Burp Back Mountain: Partnered on Cemetery road
Partner 1: Back peddle up sprint down 5x
Partner 2: As many burpees as you can in allotted time 
Finished when 100 is reached.
Picnic table curls x 20
Picnic table curls x 20 sec hold
Picnic table curls x 10
Picnic table curls x 10 sec hold
Picnic table curls x 5 
Picnic table curls x 5 sec hold
Tennis Courts:  Agassi’s entire length
Captain Thor
1 big boy situp
4 american hammers 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, 5:20, 6:24, 7:28, 8:32, 9:36, 10:40
I’ve been overweight all my life.  In middle school, high school, college, and my young professional career.  Was never in the military or tried any sports, I always assumed the support role and never lead.  This was the epitome of Sad Clown Syndrome. Always wanting to be apart of the team, lead others. Always watched this from the sidelines or in movies.  I always wanted to be that military leader leading men into battle. After last week I feel like I got a taste of what its like to lead men, to be apart of a team.  A team of brothers that no matter what will work hard for you and will always have your back. Don’t be scared to assume this role. This is what F3 is all about

Pray for all the F3 HIMs  fighting the good fight this morning.  Pray for all the men we are trying to get to the Arrowhead or are considering an F3 workout.  Pray for health and safety for all our brothers and families. Praise God on this Easter weekend as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ our savior.

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