Post #2 – March 9, 2019 Backblast

0600- Pulled into the lot a little early for an EC run and to sneak in a round of mini golf (I always keep my mini golf club and bright colored golf ball with me, just in case)

0615- After multiple hone-in-ones, Kringle pulled into the lot, followed by Choppy… but no Sunshine… I swear I saw a Sunshine HC…

0630- Leuben comes to join the party with Kenny G bringing the EC to 5 pax.

0650- Circled back to the Flags to meet the pax.

0700- Disclaimer given.

30 SSH with increasing speed
High plank hold- Recite the 5 core principles of F3
Low plank hold- 10 count
High plank hold- 10 count
Capri Lap
Bear Crawl the length of closed lot

I wanted to introduce the pax to an old friend: Dora 1-2-3. Pax partnered up.

P1 begins the following exercises:
-100 burpees
-200 Merkins
-300 Squats

P2 runs about 100 yards to the hill with picnic table and completes 10 burpees/merkins/squats, depending on which part of Dora they are on.
Sprint back and switcharoo.

Scout Run: 2 lines – pax in front drops and does 5 burpees (you all like burpees, right?) then joins the tail. Next man up does his 5.

Paula Abdul Bear Crawls at far lot. 2 spaces forward then Crawl Bear back 1 space all the way to the end of the lot.

30 American Hammers
20 Leg Lifts

4 FNGs – One was picked up by Leuben on the EC run. Well done.

Today is the day the foundation of F3 Geneva is settled. Each of you have made a choice to drive this forward, to grow this, to grow yourselves. Right now, your hands are on the shoulder of a brother. He may be a stranger now, but if you stick with this – he will be the man you turn to in life’s battles to support you, to push you, and to challenge you. Shield lock is an experience most men don’t have. To have a brother that you would trust with holding you accountable, showing you are vulnerable, not letting you falter. I’m 35, and I don’t think I truly experienced shield lock until F3. I know my brothers. I know the men I will turn to when depression and anxiety take hold and I battle for control. F3 is a fitness organization, but more than that, it is about brotherhood, leadership, and becoming better men. You’re the foundation of F3 Geneva. You will be the rock for a brother who comes out in the gloom uncertain of if they can compete. When the opportunity arises, step up. Challenge others. Lift them up. Lock your shields.

Men, it was a true joy leading you all today. I am excited for what F3 Geneva will accomplish. Each of you will take the mantle and lead soon – push yourselves hard. Get uncomfortable. Do the exercises you hate and the ones you are bad at – you’ll get better.


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