Post # 19 – Wednesday, April 17, 2019

“I am not a professional. I’m unaware of your current physical condition and/or any injuries you may be dealing with. We are all here on our own free will. Modify the exercises as needed, but push yourself and others to get better.”

10 Arm Circles (IC – each direction)
Capri Lap to Greenhouse and back
Carioca to end of lot and back
20 SSH (IC)
10 Good Mornings (IC)

THANG 1: “Fizness” Baseline Testing: 90 second AMRAPs. Collect data at each station.

  1. Merkins
  2. Squats
  3. LBCs
  4. Arm Hang (playground – timed)
  5. Box Jumps (playground benches)
  6. Dips (playground benches)
  7. Curls (coupon)
  8. Shoulder Press (coupon)
  9. Bent-over Row (coupon)
  10. AYG’s (5 parking spaces)

MARY: Ab-ril Challenge! (Break into 2 sets of 15)
30 Crunchy Frogs        30 100 ct. Pilates
30 Leg Lifts                       30 Heel Touches
30 LBCs                                30 American Hammers

CoT MESSAGE: This is our first monthly fitness baseline testing. We will be doing this test once a month to collect data and compare our results. This kind of testing is helpful because it reinforces the F3 idea that, even though “it’s always a race,” the only competition we truly have is “you versus you (YvY).” Getting better, faster, stronger, healthier, wiser, or more patient happens in little steps. There is no magic shortcut. Keep these tests in mind as we push ourselves in the gloom. I will keep the data so we can compare our results in a month’s time.

PRAYER: “Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for this beautiful morning and for all of our personal blessings. We ask that you continue to work your miracles through us and allow us to fulfill our potential according to your will. We are grateful for your constant reminders that our progress comes in small steps. We ask for patience and thank you for providing these F3 brothers in our lives to help keep us accountable and motivated to continue down the path you have created for us. During this Holy Week, we especially thank you for our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. May we always seek comfort by following his words and deeds. In the name of the Heavenly Father we pray, Amen.”

MOLESKIN: The “Fizness” testing was a harder workout than I expected. While slightly disappointed in my numbers, I realize this is a starting point. Growth happens slowly. Kringle got the “good coupon” for rows and curls and presses. Note to self: look for the filthy coupon next time. It MAY be slightly lighter. 67% ROI (⅔) on coffeeteria.

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