Post #17 – Saturday, April 13, 2019

35 degrees and the sun is rising on the Arrowhead AO.  The sun is also rising on Kringle’s first time as Q. Fourteen HIM came to see what gifts Kringle would bring them!
Nancy kerrigans OMC x15 each
Karioka 2 laps
Inch Worms end to end of lot
Aiken legs
    20 squats
    20 box jumps
    20 lunges
    20 split jacks
Rinse and Repeat three times with sprint to frisbee golf net in between
Merkin Mosey with ten push ups for pax in front, then go to end of line until we get to Mt. Arrowhead
All pax in one straight line with room between to crawl in and out of PAX from back to front
Once top is reached, bear crawl down path to bottom of hill
Burpee mosey x8 at from front to rear to Flag shelter/picnic tables
20 picnic table presses 4×4
20 dips
10 picnic table presses
10 dips
5 picnic table presses
5 dips
High Plank 15 sec
Low plank 15 sec
Rinse and repeat 4x
E2K oblique crunch 20 each x2
Partner Marge to Homer x20
Two years ago I was 314 pounds, pre-diabetic and suffered from Gout.  I took these ailments as a sign that God was speaking to me. I lost about 100 lbs.  Last October my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This led me to question why God didn’t give cancer to me, I was ready.   I had made a health a priority and I knew my body could withstand the treatment . God spoke to me and helped me understand why I needed to be strong to support my family.  I continued my quest to get healthy knowing this was in God’s plan. Due to this mindset my family is not just surviving, but thriving.
Pray for all the F3 HIMs  fighting the good fight this morning.  Pray for all the men we are trying to get to the Arrowhead or are considering an F3 workout.  Pray for health and safety for all our brothers and families. Praying for future business endeavors for Dr. Evil.

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