Post #13 – Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Scene: Beautiful & Crisp 45 degrees. Slight fog. 10 Pax Present: Dr Evil (QIC), Mr. Ed, Kringle, Lead Pipe, Mayflower, Mini Me, Lindbergh, Burns, Brick (DR from Naperville), and Watts

Disclaimer & Warmup: 25 ssh, 10 tappy taps, and 5 merkins for Ring of Fire. Mosey to far lot.

Thang 1: Spider-Man crawl the length of the parking lot. zombie walks on the return trip. Mosey to Mount Arrowhead.

Thang 2: Run up mount arrowhead. At the summit,  do 10 jump lunges then jog down around back. Once at base, complete 10 burpees. Rinse & Repeat. Mosey up the bike path.

Thang 3:  Pair up and sprint approx. 30 yards. Complete 15 merkins return sprint to start with partner. Repeat sprints, but add 15 squats instead of merkins. Mosey to shelter.

Thang 4:
25 bench squats OYO and 20 dips in cadence. Mosey to Flag.

Mary: alphabet (OYO), 20 American hammers (IC), and 20 big boy sit-ups OYO

CoT:  I shared a story from my marine days about leadership and how it starts with the individual.  If you can’t lead yourself, then you don’t deserve to lead people. Everything starts with being disciplined and maintaining self-control. Let’s encourage each other to find areas of our lives we need more discipline and self control. Lets use each other for accountability. Men of F3, we are called to be leaders. Let’s step up and act like it. 

~Dr. Evil…..out

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