Post #10 – Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Scene: 6 PAX (Burns, Quinoa, Mr. Ed, Life Alert, Kenny G (QIC), and Mini Me) gathered around in the rain with one goal: sweat to the tunes of Kenny G.

We began with motivators from 7, followed by Finkle Swings, and then wrapped it up with windmills. Did I mention that Kenny G romanced us throughout this warmup?

We moseyed over to Founder’s Rock, where it was announced that KennyG won 21 Grammy’s. What does that have to do with working out? Well, we celebrated this feat by doing Blackjacks (1 merkin – run – 20 LBC) all in honor of his 21 Grammy’s. There was an older woman who passed by during our workout, she mentioned how much she loved our music selection.

Our 2nd thang was No Surrender Tunnel of Love. Not only was Kenny G playing, but all men wet their sax reeds as they slid through those plank tunnels.

During Mary, Kenny G introduced the AB-Ril Bruce Lee challenge and Guantánamos. Followed by circle of trust where we thanked God for naming and claiming us Children of God.

Kenny G will be back for another greatest hits soon!

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