Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

AO: El Zorro

When: 05/09/2023


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names:

Shardz with a Z, Slingshot, Overdue, Ponch, Ohm, Brinks, Punky Q Brewster, Alpo, Noodles

Number of FNGS: 9

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Noodles


The weather was about 45 degrees at the start of our beatdown. Started off with no sun. Grass was wet and a little muddy. Ended up with some clouds and a bit of light.


Motivators x15, Goof Balls x15, Ballerina Toe Squats x15, Picking Daisies OYO

The Thang


Planted flags at about 30 yards out.

150 Kettlebell Swings
250 Overhead Presses
350 Goblet Squats

1 PAX began with Kettlebells for reps. The other PAX began with Bears and Blocks out to the flag. Pistol carry back to starting point. Switch, PAX picks up count until Kettlebells are done. Other PAX does Bears and Blocks. Jump into Overhead Presses and then on to Goblet Squats.

MoM: Cobra Pose, Child Pose – reach under left arm and switch to reach under right arm. Child Pose – walk fingers out to Center/Left/Right.

Circle of Trust

Prayers for @Shardz with a Z and upcoming GI procedure. May it be more of a routine issue that requires minimum intervention or treatment. Prayers for my mother in law’s sister who is dealing with cancer that has spread throughout her body. Pray for peace, comfort, strength during this difficult time so that family comes together and be supportive of each other.

Naked Man Moleskin

Perseverance and Grit. Allow F3 be a place and time where we can practice and exercise these skills.

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